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Organization Mission: Yoga and mindfulness have the power to unlock a child's ability to navigate life's challenges by providing tools to create inner resources that maximize resilience, a sense of personal power and self-awareness.

Organization Vision: Through mindfulness and yoga practices, Kid's Yoga United provides a safe, non-competitive environment where children develop healthy minds and bodies by enhancing self-awareness and maximizing resilience.

KYU goal: Through yoga and mindfulness activities children will learn strategies to focus their attention, self-regulate emotions, and connect to themselves and others to create healthy, caring relationships and develop inner resources to maximize resilience and to be good citizens in their communities. Kids Yoga United commits to working with children regardless of ability and circumstance


“We love Kids Yoga with Jessica! My kids have attended her summer camps and special classes for many years. Her patience and knowledge has truly connected with all of my children. My girls love to show me their poses and how to take deep breaths. Jessica has a unique ability to connect with kids of all ages through the peaceful practice of yoga.”

- Alison S., St. Louis


The founder of Kids Yoga United, Jessica, has a doctorate degree in Audiology and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology with backgrounds in childhood development and education. As an audiologist, she worked with children from birth through the teen years in diagnosing and treating hearing problems. She began practicing yoga in 2005 and was quickly drawn to the benefits she gained both physically and mentally. In 2013, she became a certified yoga teacher and now teaches yoga to all ages. With three young children at home, she has directly seen the benefits of teaching yoga to children. She completed Yoga to Grow training in 2015. By combining her educational and yoga background, she provides a balanced practice for children to help them open their hearts to live a life of love and kindness.

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